Tuesday 22 May 2012

Self Development

Growth through adversity . In all aspects of life there is no growth in comfort. In order to advance ourselves in any area we must experience resistance. Martial arts training, properly applied, will allow us to grow exponentially and to greatly enhance our experience of life.

In our modern day society our sense of "self" is being constantly eroded. We are in the main, being swallowed up by ever increasing consumerism. Our self image and self worth appears to be dictated by the latest fashion, or the latest must have gadget.

The Internet abounds with every conceivable type of "self help" guru who promises , for most times, a substantial fee, to take away our pain and to allow us to elevate our lives to a higher plateau

So, it would be fair to assume that many of us seek "enlightenment".

How can martial arts help? How can learning to work, strive, sweat . laugh, cry, achieve, overcome, encourage, support ,enthuse, advocate, own, and engage bring us to our personal nirvana?

Try it and see.......

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