Tuesday 31 July 2012

Manners & Martial Arts

Perhaps one of the most profound benefits children can develop through martial arts are manners. Plain and simple. Well, its probably not that plain nowadays though it can be that simple.

Growing up in an Ireland of the 1960' &70's good manners were a fundamental part of childhood."Please" and "Thank You" , "Yes Sir "and "Yes Ma'am" were daily phrases used abundantly and without a second thought.

The subsequent decades have seen a steady erosion of what is often refereed to as old fashioned values.The common knee jerk reaction to this lowering of basic etiquette and general good deportment is to blame the parents of today's youth. However, to do so ignores the profound impact T.V., movies, internet and social network sites have on children. Schools no longer  assert  the influence over students that they once did.

So, where then are today's youth to learn good manners. Well, there's the military. Have you ever noticed the very fine manners and general good etiquette displayed by those who have served in the military? When you encounter a former career military person who has moved up the ranks you will be impressed with their old fashioned courtesies .You see, in the military you are taught to serve first before you earn the right  to command.

Short of enrolling your child in the armed forces where then can you ensure that they receive first rate education in manners, deportment and civility.

 Martial arts training, conducted by a mindful coach can teach really great manners.. Here's how. Like the military most schools of martial arts have a structured system of rank. In the martial arts we call it grade rank , denoted by a belt, strip, sash, badge or whatever depending on the school. Students can, with hard work, move up the ranks. In a good school this advancement is not just a matter of physical skills.Students must learn, demonstrate and advocate discipline, respect, courtesy, humility, etiquette and many more attributes of " good manners".

By virtue of its structure and  nature martial are an ideal method to imbue good manners.

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