Thursday 19 July 2012

Reasons the Young should take Martial Arts

Young people should take martial arts lessons for the following reasons:

1. Exercise is a life-saver. 

Child hood obesity, diabetes, heart disease are all preventable through regular exercise. The mental benefit of a regular training regime cannot be over looked .Feeling good physical can greatly effect the mental health of any child. Today's fast food culture promotes very negative dietary habits. Many young people are now actually under nourished through bad dietary choices.At our martial arts school Motivational Martial Arts we are encouraging our junior students to actively become concious of mindful eating. Healthy choices need not be boring. In fact, expanding one's palate can be the start of a wonderful healthy love affair with great nutritional food.Regular exercise helps to increase the metabolic rate , encourages the growth and development of major muscle groups ,which,burns calories and regulates weight. HDL or "good" cholesterol is increased by regular physical activity and exercise.This has a profound long term effect. Also, the cardio vascular benefits mean that the heart muscle can operate more effectively. Children have a habit of growing up. If we can encourages our children to engage in mindful exercise with a purpose then we can help protect them in later life.

2. Self-defence training can, in a worst-case scenario, be a life-saver.

Self defence, that is real , gets you out of trouble and home safe material, can be the best gift you ever give your child.We don't necessarily mean that its all about the "physical " either. Of course,we teach the block, strike, kick , escape tactics and then a whole lot more. You see, at our school our instructor Alan Ellis believes that education , in many areas , is self defence. You might be the world's best kicker, grappler, boxer etc , and good for you, but, if you can't take care of your body, mind and spirit those skills are mostly window dressing. Martial Arts, that is true Martial Arts seek to develop the student holistically. Some of the benefits that we like to promote and help develop among our students are great diet, anti bullying strategies, community service, mindfulness, kindness, activism, "owning" projects, developing projects and much much more.

3. There’s more talk and focus on respect, courtesy, and self discipline in a week of good martial arts lessons than the average young person will hear in a year of TV and computer time.

While we now live in an age of great technological advances which can be of great assistance to us all ( I'm using that technology now) , its fair to say that we now have a generation of children for whom life without internet, TV and computer games is unimaginable. TV shows and on line games have eroded the discipline and work ethos that exemplified the courtesy and respect of our parents generation. Its now all too easy to tune in and tune out! Switching on the PC or TV is switching off the imagination, ingenuity , engagement and sheer joy of mindful play and eager inquisitiveness. In many cases that which gets into our children's minds through these "modern mediums" can go uncensored. In fact it might be said that we become somewhat immune to what we would heretofore regard as a "bad influences"

Our curriculum for children , and you can check it out for free at Holistic Martial Arts, encourages children to see the great benefits of investing their time and minds in productive activity.Sure it require self discipline, and OK some use of the PC , thought its constructive use and respectful use.

We are always happy to talk to parents who really want the very best for their kids. While watching some TV or playing the odd PC games can be fun there is so much more to experience on this spinning planet. We'd like to offer you the oppertunity to give your child the gift of a lifetime

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