Thursday 7 June 2012


OK so, what are we about? Well mostly we are about change. Change of perception, change of attitude, change of oneself. Now, to some people change is not good. Too scary. Uncomfortable. Ed Parker, that bastion of Kenpo once quoted" To live is to change, and to change often is to have achieved perfection"
 So how can we change ?

What is it you want? A new you? A more confident you? A new hobby? A fitter you? Self defence? Self esteem. None of the previous?

Sometimes, very often in fact, we really don't know what we want.Our lives are open to so many different influences that we become distracted , confused, unfocused.
When discipline, self or imposed is required we buckle under the weight. Mostly because, despite our innate yearnings for change we are "content" in our own comfort.

Martial arts offer many things. Self defence. Self confidence, Self esteem. Fitness. Good health.Social interaction. Social inclusion. The list goes on.But the key word here is offer

Well, my friends. We can do better than offer. Martial arts is one of the most potent life changing ,life affirming tools ever devised. It is rich in history, philosophy, art, music, medicine,poetry and much more. Offerings are not good enough. Results are what count.

Our mission, your mission( should you choose to accept it) is to effect great change in your life through following the lessons of martial arts.We will not and do not however confine those lessons to the dojo. You will be encouraged to take those lesson ( and no, its not just kick and punch)  you'll take what you learn out of the dojo and into the world.

You'll become an activist in your community. Change will become a way of life. Great change that will not only affect you but those around you and in your community.This is what true martial arts are all about.
When you learn to engage, commit, interact, advocate, and do you will become the change that you want to see .At our school we will commit 100% to helping you help yourself and others.

What to do next
Interact with others. Check out or classes. Look for upcoming events
Call me on 089-4567533. I look forward to hearing from you, or email

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