Friday 29 June 2012

Obvious And Not So Obvious Benefits Of Martial Arts

There are some obvious benefits that young and old alike garner from taking martial arts. The first one is the exercise involved.Exercise if tailored for the age and the ability of the participant, is good for the body, the mind and yes , for the spirit too.
A not-so obvious benfit of studying the martial arts is the often unspoken requirements to be present in the practice."When you're dealing with kicks ,punces and arm bars" says veteran  martial arts teacher Tom Callos of Hilio Hawaii "You sinply have to stay in the moment to kep from getting socked in the nose. Awareness of what I call the here and now is something that you can instantly take off the mat and put to work in your every day life"

With exercise and mindfulness  comes a third component that is not a benefit you'll find in every martial arts school, but is something we are deeply involved with. Its about food and its connection to fitness and health. The Diet Chronicles is a project where a group of martial artists are starting to document on video, what they eat and how its prepared-in an effort to eat more mindfully.
Some of the video journals are being posted to an on-line community based around the book

Savor( Savor is co-written by Havard nutritionist Dr Lilian Chung and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

To see one of the Diet Chronicle videos click this link: RvY
"What we consume is as important and relevant to self defence in to-days world" says Callos, "as any kind of martial arts technique."

For more information on using martial arts to improve the body , mind and diet contact Alan Ellis on
 085 870 8885 or email aemartial

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