Monday 11 June 2012

Immediate Need!

I have often been contacted by folks in "Immediate Need" . Part of what I do is address those needs. What I mean is that many people are prompted to contact me because they have had an event in their lives which require my services. Oh before I go any further I guess I should explain what I do. I teach self defence. So you can probably guess what I'm contacted in relation to,right? That's it , you've got it in one!

Well most of my "customers" are in want of my immediate service.Let me explain. I 'll use a real case scenario to illustrate what I mean.

Dan was a local barman. He came into my school one evening looking to take self defence classes. Dan's immediate need was to learn to defend himself. As usual I enquired as to why this was. It transpired that Dan had, in the course of his job been humiliated by another staff member. Although not physically threatened Dan felt that his co worker had alluded to the threat of violence and Dan felt that "no one would ever speak to him again in that manner".

Now, of course Dan does need self defence, though not in the way he initially thinks. However Dan's perception of his "Immediate Need" is clouding his view of his "Long Term Need".

OK so, how does this relate to anything? Well, I can fulfil Dan's "Immediate Needs" . Dan , can achieve his immediate goal.Though it would be remiss of my as teacher to do so.I have to show Dan that his "Immediate Need" is detrimental to his greater good. Its my job to show Dan that. If I succeed and do my job properly and if he engages with me then we both get something of great value out of our time together.

When you feel that you want to satisfy an immediate need in your life try to step back, relax a little , take time to look at the problem/want/ situation from another perspective.In most case you'll find that your immediate needs are in many cases not in your best interest.

Ask Dan.....

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