Monday 11 June 2012

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? I wonder just how much one's life could  change for the better by living that mantra?

For many of us a daily struggle for true direction is the omnipresent thought.

Our fears like dark shadows hold us captive. After all what we have is OK ,right? Why rock the boat? Perhaps we have a good job, a happy relationship, a nice life.

Or maybe we struggle each day to grind out another twenty four hours of survival, going day by day, week by week, to the next paycheck or dole handout.

In the words of Jarvis Cocker are you " watching you life slid out of view"

Society has a place for us.I guess that place is where we are NOW.  Move to another place, wherever that is, languish there for a while and that place becomes your domain.

You can stay as long as you like at that your place. Good or bad , its your choice.

I wonder if you can remember a time when the world was yours?

When anything was possible. No matter how incredible it may seem now, we once believed that we could be what we dreamt of being.

Then what happened?

I wonder , well I know.

Somehow, someone, something, somewhere along your way convinced you that your dreams, your ambitions, your wish could  not come true.Then you, took that advice and believed it.

Most of us have travelled so far from our dreams that we don't even remember them.We simply can't recall what we dreamt of and why we stopped.

Life has convinced us to stop living and to simply exist. And like an a boat slipping its moorings we drift.

But no one said it had to be that way.

You CAN rewrite you dreams.

Its easier than you'd imagine and harder than you'd think but its inside you.

You  know it can be done.


Well , your going to go on  journey of self discovery. You'll face challenges, obstacles. You'll push true barriers and you'll face fear, learn to know it, respect it and control it.

You'll change mentally , emotionally and physically and you will meet others who will help ,encourage, educate and advocate,

Oh and you 'll most certainly meet that someone special

I can promise you this. If you move with purpose, intent, integrity, honesty and discipline you will achieve , advocate, educate and respresent your true potential.

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