Wednesday 6 June 2012


"Everybody's looking for something" Annie Lennox wasn't far off the mark when she belted out this anthem way back in the day. You know I'm often taken aback when I hear that immortal line "I don't want anything" or "There's nothing I really want". What a melancholic world we'd live in if those two affirmations we true. Imagine a place so devoid of ambition, yearning, struggle and seeking.

You see,today, I heard of a lady who, to many folks, wants for nothing. She has it made. Nice house. Loving husband, Blue eyed baby boy. Enough of the green backs to sail her ship quite contentedly from here to ..well..eternity." I don't want anything " she told a friend. Now this same soul, a good soul, a soul who despite her own mantra is a soul in seeking means no harm. Not an ounce of it. No malice to herself or others. Yet, she is unbalancing her own cosmos and causing disharmony to those she would befriend.

They say money can't buy you love. Well, it can buy you perception and deception. It can buy you plaudits. It can buy you hope...false hope. For today a lost soul stepped into the world of illusion. A world where smoke and mirrors are regal lords. The wizards of this world are most skilled. Its not for nought that  the sages proffered " A fool and her money are easily parted". But money is only a passport. A ticket for the boat ride to the wizards kingdom.Your golden ticket to Wonka's grand tour.And, like all tours undertaken in search of false bullion it leaves your soul yearning.

Yes, we all want to take the magic carpet ride. To rub shoulders with the glitterati. To satisfy our soul. A noble and honourable pursuit it is too. Our own pilgrimage, our camino. After all the good book tells us seek and ye shall find. But, where to seek?. Ah, He also said to us "why do you seek the living amongst the dead?"
That , dear friends is our journey's map. Our north star. Set your compass by those guides and you will surly find your way.

For if only our dear friend could find hers. She would know that in order to know that she wants for nought but needs so badly, she would swim with those who are brave enough to enter the storm waters of life. Don't look to guru's or wizards to tell you that you want nothing. Instead ask of the seekers. Those whose battered dreams and shattered illusions are testimony to their continued quest. Then, and only then will you and our lost soul realise that she wants nothing but needs....everything.

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